When Leaders Fall: Lessons to be Learned from Recent Scandals

​How the mighty fall is more than a cliché. It’s a hard truth the Christian community has had to grapple with a lot lately.

When leaders like Ravi Zacharias and Jean Vanier to name two really big, recent ones that have come to light, are revealed as men who abused women, and not the humans we thought they were, it is shocking and just simply horrible.

And impossible to imagine what their victims have had to live through.

At Faith Today, we’ve been trying to figure out how we can contribute to the conversation in a healthy and constructive way. You can read the facts anywhere. So, we asked veteran writer Patricia Paddey to write 10 lessons from fallen leaders: how churches and ministries can safeguard against abuse of power for the March/April issue of Faith Today.

This podcast is Karen Stiller, Patricia Paddey and Melodie Bissell, president of Plan to Protect, discussing some of the issues behind this article, and what we can all do to be more realistic about our leaders, and ourselves.

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