2014 Nov - Dec

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11 December, 2014
Awkward interview moments

So there I sat in a little cozy room at the Royal York hotel in downtown Toronto, chatting to Franklin Graham and his entourage about Eliza Doolittle. Yes, Eliza Doolittle.

08 December, 2014
Prostitution laws just moral enough

When Peter MacKay reported earlier this year that prostitution is “very corrosive” to our society, many scoffed at his moral stand. Though he hadn’t started the debate, MacKay was in the middle of it when the Supreme...

03 December, 2014
Jesus is my IPAD

If I were a gambling girl, I’d bet money that each and every one of us has at some time received a gift that totally blew us away.

27 November, 2014
Stop being so meek about euthanasia! Charles Lewis interview

Since his recent retirement, Lewis has turned his attention to the issue of euthanasia in Canada. He speaks to churches and other groups about his own experience with chronic pain and the dangers of legalized euthanas...