2014 Nov - Dec

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24 November, 2014
What are we doing about hunger in Canada?

Before the early ‘80s, there were no food banks in Canada. They were introduced as a temporary measure, but have since been entrenched—according to one long-time food bank volunteer—as “the grocery stores of the poor.”

19 November, 2014
Why I don’t call myself a Christian artist

I never hear anyone refer to themselves as Christian truck drivers, or Christian factory workers, airline pilots, doctors, or lawyers. The list goes on. Most of the time a person will tell you what their occupation is...

17 November, 2014
Four things we need to know about human trafficking

Faith Today’s Question and Answer section features leaders of EFC affiliate organizations sharing their vision. Nov/Dec spotlights Ed Wilson and his work as executive director of International Justice Mission Canada....

12 November, 2014
Disagreeing well: and why it matters deeply

A number of months ago I was approached by the folks at Faith Today with the question: would I do a piece for the magazine on how we manage our differences?