2014 Sep - Oct

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23 October, 2014
With love from Kenya to Canada: What Canadians can learn from the African church

When I came to Canada more than a year ago, and having briefly lived in the USA, I was deeply saddened to see churches that have been shut down.

20 October, 2014
Interview with the City Harmonic!

The City Harmonic is a Juno-award winning Canadian Christian band out of Hamilton, Ont. At Faith Today, we love their sound. They are fresh, worshipful, challenging and hugely easy to listen to. The Sept/Oct. relaunch...

17 October, 2014
Second thoughts about evangelism?

Wycliffe College professor John Bowen’s book, Evangelism for ‘Normal’ People, was published in 2002. Since then it has sold 10,000 copies. The book is used as a textbook in several Canadian seminaries. But 2002 is a ...

15 October, 2014
Reasons to read the Bible well

When Faith Today asked me to submit something for this space related to “How to Read the Bible Well,” I said yes. And then I considered backing out.

MEDA There is a solution to poverty - Business
MEDA There is a solution to poverty - Business