2014 Sep - Oct

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08 October, 2014
What they miss most in Canada

Education is a value I cherish, but would I be willing to give up my home, my country, my extended family, my culture, for several years in order to get a higher degree?

01 October, 2014
The silver lining

“I don’t want any more of those the-church-is-in-decline stats” a ministry leader recently told me. “I want to know what is working.” In many ways the Canadian Bible Engagement Study data is more the-church-is-in-decl...

24 September, 2014
Why I will never be head of the WEA

I will never, ever, ever be head of the World Evangelical Alliance. I know this now. But for a brief second while interviewing outgoing head Geoff Tunnicliffe – the man I am not replacing – I did try to imagine what a...

17 September, 2014
Does the Bible endorse veganism or vegetarianism?

Does the Bible endorse or condemn a particular eating lifestyle? Veganism over being an omnivore, being a vegetarian over a raw vegan, and there are those considered demi-vegetarian… It seems really complicated, espec...

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