2015 May - Jun

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13 May, 2015
Behind the scenes with shifting stats

“Canada is home to one of the most multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religous populations and the planet, and we’re facing some of the most significant upheavals inout nation’s history. So what does this mean for Chr...

11 May, 2015
Leaving on a jet plane

This Friday, Faith Today has a unique opportunity to visit the work in the field of one of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada’s affiliates, Samaritan’s Purse.

07 May, 2015
“We heard a huge rumbling sound” — Canadian volunteers offer eye-witness account

David and Pauline Streeter of Uxbridge, Ont., left Canada for Nepal thinking they were heading for a challenging but rewarding week of volunteer service at the Aanandit Charity Centre, a Christian organization that ca...

06 May, 2015
Because it is right and just: Voices from Canada’s pro-life movement

The National March for Life will hit the streets next week on May 14. In honour of that event, and in recognition of the ongoing efforts by countless Canadians to remind us that Canada does not have any legislative re...