2015 Nov - Dec

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14 December, 2015
What My Friends Need From The Church: A Men’s Shelter Worker Shares Tough Truths

Some of my better friends are not welcome in my church. It’s not because the people in my church are bad people — to the contrary, they are kind and generous. Chances are my friends wouldn’t be welcome at your chur...

07 December, 2015
Calling For A New Generation Of Christian Activists

Sister Jean Ann Ledwell introduced me to advocacy as a way of being Church.

01 December, 2015
The 17-year Old Girl Forced To Church Shares Her Advice To The Church

A couple of weeks ago, one of our editors wrote a blog that touched a nerve. It was called Why We Force Our Kids, Almost Without Fail, to Go to Church. Holly Stiller, the girl in the blog, wrote back.

27 November, 2015
In A World Of Danger, Are Short Term Missions Worth The Risk?

In an increasingly dangerous world, are short term missions worth the risk?