2015 Nov - Dec

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23 November, 2015
Evangelical Churches Stepping Up To Refugee Crisis

The biggest refugee crisis since the end of World War Two has led to a huge outpouring of compassion. Canadian church organizations continue to be inundated with queries and offers to help Syrian refugees.

17 November, 2015
In Light Of Paris: A Refugee Support Group Finds Its Way

We have one of those decorative signs in our house near the back door so our kids can see it as they leave for school. Instead of “dance! sing! celebrate!” this one is about doing the right thing.

16 November, 2015
How Your Church Can Sponsor Refugees

Since that day in early September when the image of a tiny boy’s body washed up on a Turkish shore began circulating in the media, thousands of compassionate Canadians have been wondering what they can do to rescue fa...

05 November, 2015
Why We Force Our Kids, Almost Without Fail, To Go To Church

Last Sunday morning, my lovely 17-year old daughter told me she was going to the gym instead of church. I told her she wasn’t. She told me she was. I repeated she wasn’t. Then she said, “I have no choice in this!”