2015 Sep - Oct

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24 September, 2015
Community and dating again: Alex Newman goes behind the scenes with her recent Faith Today story

040 Read Alex Newman’s piece “Middle-Aged, Divorced and Dating Online” in the Sep/Oct Faith Today When I was in my 20s, I loved writing caustic letters to friends about hilarious antics, real or imagined, while doin...

21 September, 2015
Digging deeper into ministry wellness project

The May/Jun Faith Today featured The Wycliffe Wellness Project, a research project to discover what brings wellness to clergy and others engaged in ministry. You can read the article here. We decided to have an update...

15 September, 2015
Ministry in Canada's poorest postal code

Faith Today visits Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to understand what it is like to minister in this hard, hard place.

14 September, 2015
Behind the scenes with Faith Today’s story on Omar Khadr

I can’t even remember the first time I heard about Omar Khadr, but I’m sure it was years ago. What I heard was a young teenager who was a Canadian citizen, had been incarcerated at the notorious military prison in Gua...