2016 Jan - Feb

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11 February, 2016
How can even this be beautiful? Reflection on the tragedy in Calgary

The Wycliffe Canada community is grieving with the families who have lost so much in Calgary last weekend.

08 February, 2016
The journey of an artist who is a Christian

There is a brilliant book by David Galenson called, Old Masters and Young Geniuses, in which he makes a point for the credibility of those that develop later in life. The ones who take time to mature while coming to e...

01 February, 2016
Good things happen (for everyone) when churches come together

Yesterday, I stood in one church, as a member of another church, inviting people from a bunch of churches to an event at a different church. Doesn’t that sound wonderfully confusing?

28 January, 2016
38 and counting! Canadian congregations respond to Faith Today contest

This morning, I interviewed Patti Miller, a hardworking Canadian pastor. This particular leader has just moved from Hamilton to Montreal to lead a big church on a big new adventure. The interview will appear in March/...