2016 Jan - Feb

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28 February, 2016
Transparency and authenticity abound in March/April Faith Today

As we read through the March/April issue of Faith Today one final time before sending it to our printer, authenticity was a theme that jumped out at us. People here are not interested in pretending it’s easy to be a C...

28 February, 2016
Entrevue FT : Patti Miller

Patti Miller est pasteure principale récemment nommée à la plus importante congrégation de langue anglaise au Québec.

28 February, 2016
Alors et maintenant: Charles Foster et Marc Pilon

Les expériences de Charles Foster et Marc Pilon font ressortir les défis uniques du travail d’évangélisation dans la Belle Province du Canada.

16 February, 2016
The first Syrian family we are sponsoring has arrived. It was cold. And it was warm.

Today I downloaded iTranslate, located the Arabic option, bought three for $20 bouquets at FoodLand, and my husband and I headed to the new home of the Syrian family who arrived in our town on Saturday.