2016 Jul - Aug

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21 August, 2016
Our colouring days are almost over

And now for something a little bit different…The Sep/Oct Faith Today has been packed up and shipped off to the printers, to so speak, even while the ink still dries on the colour-me cover of the Jul/Aug issue. Many o...

16 August, 2016
Christians are a peculiar bunch to a whole lot of people

I’ve just returned from an intense two weeks of high level diplomacy work. Sort of. I’m enrolled in a writing degree program in a secular university. I wanted to go to a Christian-based program in an American school b...

10 August, 2016
Visit a gallery, read a story, listen to music and be moved by the arts this summer

We have a painting in our living room that moves me. It’s of a horse, which sounds funny. But it’s a horse emerging out of nowhere, thundering from the background off to one side, clearly racing forward. It is inspire...

04 August, 2016
Montreal church serves Pokémon Go crowds

Pokémon GO had launched, and as it turned out, the hottest Pokéstop in Montreal was right in front of our church. Hundreds of people were suddenly there, at all hours of the day, an oddly silent crowd, staring at thei...