2016 Jul - Aug

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19 July, 2016
Church planting report reveals differences between Canadian and American Plants

Studying church plants is a bit like the “whack-a-mole” game at the local carnival. While you are getting a good look at the one that has just popped up in front of you, two more have popped up in different places and...

11 July, 2016
Why colouring matters

We constantly distinguish between colours—when we get dressed or apply make-up, when we cook, in our gardens, while driving. Colour choices have great impact in fashion, décor and marketing because colour affects our ...

04 July, 2016
Please do scribble on the cover of this Faith Today

This is not an exaggeration: When we dreamed up the idea of a Faith Today cover that readers could colour, one of us leaped out of their chair in excitement. And one of us looked wary. Which is closer to your reaction...

29 June, 2016
Artful discipleship

How the arts can help in spiritual formation