2017 Jul - Aug

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31 August, 2017
2017 Jul/Aug Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 4

A Mini-History of Evangelicalism in Canada. John G Stackhouse Jr. zips us through the decades form confederation to today.

19 August, 2017
What we read this summer

Usually summer reading lists appear at the start of the season, but this year we asked EFC staff (The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is the publisher of Faith Today), what they have already read this summer. So far....

06 August, 2017
A Canadian author tackles the life of David in upcoming novel: a FT mini-interview with Mark Buchanan

Readers of the Jul/Aug Faith Today were treated to a take on King David that we might not have read before. “You anoint my head with oil: What a Bronze Age warrior-king can teach us about friends and enemies,” is an i...