2017 Jul - Aug

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01 August, 2017
The passing of a great one: Haddon Robinson influenced many Canadian preachers

Toronto church planter and writer Darryl Dash, one of the Canadian preachers who studied under Haddon Robinson, shares his thoughts.

31 July, 2017
Resident theologian will pop up in Faith Today

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Faith Today‘s publisher, has just welcomed a new vice-president and resident theologian to the leadership team. David Guretzki will be deepening and extending the biblical and...

25 July, 2017
A birthday gift for Canada

What better than a fully engaged evangelical church?

24 July, 2017
Six habits to enrich your marriage this summer and beyond

The Jul/Aug Faith Today featured a story about Heart to Heart Marriage and Family Ministries, the new initiative by Ron and Ann Mainse to help build strong marriages. We asked Ron and Ann to write a guest blog on how ...

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