2017 Sep - Oct

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31 October, 2017
2017 Sep/Oct Table of Contents - Vol 35 No 5

Welcoming Refugees. Waves of refugees fleeing South Sudan's turmoil have landed in camps across the border in northern Uganda. Faith Today went to see the situation firsthand.

18 October, 2017
It’s “Us Too” For christian women, even in the church

A couple of years ago a friend of mine and I went to the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing. There, we met another Canadian writer, an older Christian man whom I had met before. I introduced him to my fri...

18 October, 2017
Give thanks continually … To the people you work with

When was the last time someone went out of their way to thank you? Do you remember what they did? What they said? How you felt?

11 October, 2017
The awful legacy of Hugh Hefner

Yesterday I was Skyping with Ashley Easter, who is doing great work helping survivors of abuse within the church, and promoting healing. And we were talking about how being married to someone with a porn addiction can...