Magazines 2018 Jan - Feb Question and Answer: With Mark Peterkins

Question and Answer: With Mark Peterkins

29 January 2018

Tending to the leaders


▪ What is at the heart of the mission of One Way Ministries?

Our heart is for our leadership community in Canada’s National Capital Region. We work with pastoral, ministry and workplace leaders. At the core we are passionate about relationships and seeing our leaders experience deep, trusting friendships. So many good things can flow out of that.

▪ What unique role can organizations like yours play in the Canadian Church?

We bring together leaders who will work with each other in their areas of passion. Some of the opportunities in our city for mission require the gifts and abilities of more than what one single church can accomplish. Organizations like One Way can build trust and help introduce leaders to one another in order that they can work prayerfully, co-operatively in their areas of passion. At the moment we have more than ten teams that are doing this in Ottawa. Each of these teams is led by a group from an assortment of churches and workplace leaders.


▪ Why is it so important to support leaders, particularly clergy and their families?

Two reasons. First, because we are called to love people. These are the people the Lord has called into leadership. Second, because it is strategic. Our belief is that when leaders are healthy and effective, fruitful ministry will follow them and God’s Kingdom is built.

▪ What have you learned from your work leading One Way Ministries?

I’ve been challenged by how many amazing people are taking risks and sacrificing to see God’s Kingdom come. I respect leaders with young families when they decide to plant a new church or establish a new parachurch ministry. They have no guarantees of success, often very little money, and yet they go for it. They have helped me determine that I don’t want to get to the end of my life and look back with regrets about shying away from a risky adventure with God.

▪ What advice do you offer young leaders?

First, invite a group of respected friends into your life and ask them to speak into it. Give them permission to reflect back to you what they see. Share with them all of your life – family, work, finances, health. We all have blind spots and need each other to see them. A loving, gifted community can help tremendously. Second, get quiet with God. Our culture is so rushed and noisy. Intentionally put a day twice a year into your calendar when you can retreat in nature and listen to the whisper of the Holy Spirit.

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Mark Peterkins is executive director of One Way Ministries in Ottawa. Its mission is "reaching the city by serving the leaders."