2018 Jan - Feb

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28 February, 2018
2018 Jan/Feb Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 1

Reconciliation. What we need is a new story. A fresh beginning. Here is what we are called to do. And here is how we can do it

27 February, 2018
Does everybody belong in church?

Chantal Huinink is a motivational speaker, author, and social justice advocate who lives with cerebral palsy. Chantal is completing a double-masters in Divinity and Social Work through Wilfred Laurier University in Wa...

21 February, 2018
An update on the creation debate

Diverse Christians unite in challenging atheistic evolution

19 February, 2018
Send your pastor out to dinner

I am married to a minister. It is a rich and wonderful life, full of surprises and adventure and challenges. Yes, yes indeed, there are many built-in rewards and joy in clergy life. That is all true. But you know what...