2018 Jan - Feb

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25 January, 2018
A quick church quiz for you

In the Jan/Feb Faith Today, we have a great article called “Would our neighbourhoods notice if we left? The Flourishing Congregations Institute probes what is working in Canadian Congregations.” The article, by Am...

24 January, 2018
Why not, Canada? Learning how to create disciple-making movements

My colleague Trevor Larsen (not his real name) has seen thousands of people come to Christ in a movement doubling every 18 months for the last 10 years – in a cultural environment more resistant to the gospel than pos...

22 January, 2018
Toll free line offered now in Canada to help with end of life decisions

In response to Canada’s increased social acceptance and legalization of assisted suicide, a new ministry has launched a crisis line to help support and guide people making tough decisions as they near death.