Magazines 2018 Jan - Feb 2018 Jan/Feb Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 1

2018 Jan/Feb Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 1

28 February 2018

Reconciliation. What we need is a new story. A fresh beginning. Here is what we are called to do. And here is how we can do it

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FT interview: One on one with Christian ethicist Aimee Patterson 

Let the sermon be interrupted: The Church, First Nations and reconciliation. By Mark Buchanan

Journey of reconciliation: We can be better together. What are the first steps? By Cheryl Bear

Still reaching for reconciliation: A recent EFC-sponsored gathering of denominational representatives provokes reflection on indigenous relations. By Wendy Beauchemin Peterson

Living by Scripture when society is anti-authority: What do we do when most people, including many Evangelicals, trust their own hearts above all? By Jo-Ann Badley. Aussi disponible en français comme Vivre selon les Écritures quand la société est contre l'autorité, traduit par François Godbout

Would our neighbourhoods notice if we left? The Flourishing Congregations Institute probes what is working in Canadian congregations. By Joel Thiessen

Calling never retires: How to continue your calling even after retirement. By R. Paul Stevens

​How to become a disability-friendly church: Even if your church is small and has limited resources. By Stephen J. Bedard

In each issue

Behind the scenes: Can we talk? We need to make reconciliation a priority. By Karen Stiller and Bill Fledderus

Talking points: Letters to the editor, Milestones, New on our blog

Kingdom matters

  • New crisis line helps those facing end-of-life decisions
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Advocacy group pairs Lent with environmental stewardship
  • Winnipeg church turns freezing temperatures into outreach opportunity
  • Planned Ghanaian hospital has Canadian connections
  • Abbotsford recovery homes partner with churches to help men defeat addiction
  • Note worthy

At issue: Human trafficking. The EFC shares concerns with the United Nations

The gathering place: Competing views on state neutrality. Court decision may impact church and state collaboration. By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger

News from the EFC: Annual update on video. Laws protecting worship won’t be discarded. And more.

Question & answer: Tending to the leaders: Mark Peterkins is executive director of One Way Ministries in Ottawa. Its mission is "reaching the city by serving the leaders."

Go with God: A curious pattern. Why did Jesus ask so many questions? By columnist Carolyn Arends

Business matters: Our daily work in God’s master story. If we’re not a pastor or evangelist, does our work matter to God? By guest columnist Rebecca Pousette

History lesson: Trading places: Is Canada more religious than the U.S.? By columnist Kevin Flatt

Religion watch: An update on the creation debate: Diverse Christians unite in challenging atheistic evolution. By columnist James A. Beverley

Global village By columnist C. David Donaldson

  • Evangelicals visit Kosovo president
  • Christian appointed to cabinet in India
  • Pakistani leader sees failure to protect minorities
  • U.S. Calls Sudan to end church demolitions

Books & culture: Reviews

  • In Search of Ancient Roots By Kenneth J. Stewart
  • Growing Up to Get Along By Wayne Baxter 
  • The Qur’an in Context By Mark Robert Anderson 
  • Religion & Canadian Party Politics By David Rayside, Jerald Sabin and Paul E. J. Thomas 
  • Artwork by Janet Read
  • The Inconvenient Indian By Thomas King 

Christ & culture in Canada: How not to be wrong – again. We must each make decisions for ourselves, but not by ourselves. By columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.