2018 Mar - Apr

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13 March, 2018
Your theology is changing - is that okay?

The difference between maturing and copping out

09 March, 2018
Three understandings of state neutrality

Why not force doctors, schools and charities to operate under current social values?

09 March, 2018
Trois conceptions de la neutralité de l'État

Pourquoi ne pas forcer les médecins, les écoles et les organismes de bienfaisance à fonctionner selon les valeurs sociales actuelles ?

07 March, 2018
Five reviews from Mar/Apr 2018

(Re)union, by Bruxy Cavey. In Other Worlds, by John D. Wilson. So Shall We Love, by Ali Matthews. The Turning Aside, by D. S. Martin. A Great Reckoning, by Louise Penny. Art by Robert McAffee

Communion cups Parasource
Communion cups Parasource