Magazines 2018 May - Jun 2018 May/Jun Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 3

2018 May/Jun Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 3

30 June 2018

Life. Precious. Fragile. A gift. Supporting life from conception to nature death means tackling some difficult challenges head-on with - compassion and grace

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FT interview: One on one with veteran Canadian youth worker Marv Penner.

Into the heart of crisis pregnancy centres in Canada: What makes them tick. By Allison Barron

The joy and sorrow of palliative care: Our writer shares her own experience caring for a dying loved one, and how Canada can do better with palliative care. By Alex Newman. Aussi disponible en français comme Les joies et les peines des soins palliatifs, traduit par François Godbout

Diehard believers: Deathbed doubts among the devout. By Doug Koop

Not just pro-life, but whole-life: The Bible teaches not only opposition to death, but celebration of life. By David Guretzki

Finishing high school, but dropping out of faith? Partnership studies what keeps faith alive through transitions. By Alex Newman

When big youth events aren’t advancing God’s kingdom: How Calgary youth leaders have changed direction. By James Clarence

Raising funds without losing our souls: We can’t serve both God and money, but Christian fundraising sometimes seems to try. These authors show us a better path. By Larry Matthews

Who are the keystone people in your neighbourhood? How bees can inspire us to live out our faith. By Preston Pouteaux

In each issue

Behind the scenes: Biblical wisdom, Canadian stories: What our journalism is aiming for. By Karen Stiller and Bill Fledderus

Talking points: Letters to the editor, Milestones

Kingdom matters

  • The parable of the Ice Dragon
  • Ambrose launches unified arts department
  • Inspiring ideas
  • Engage the digital world in a biblical way: Apologetics speaker
  • Evangelical Presbyterians host two-day summit
  • Missions Fest turns 35 in Vancouver
  • Photographer combines love of horses with evangelism
  • Anglican Network gathers around gospel presentation
  • Note worthy

By the numbers: Overseas development work

Update: Losing government funds: Ministries are cutting back and cancelling programs due to a government policy change. By guest columnist Robert White

At issue: Palliative care: The goal of palliative care is life in its fullness, whether in the face of serious illness or at life’s end

The gathering place: Whose values shape our society? How respectful and inclusive will Canada be of different belief systems? By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger

News from the EFC: Human trafficking. New Love Is Moving app for youth. Government grants controversy. And more.

Question & answer: Providing better than euthanasia

Go with God: The waiting is the hardest part. Why does God sometimes leave us in suspense? By columnist Carolyn Arends

History lesson: Setting the Church back 2,000 years: Billy Graham in Canada. By columnist Kevin Flatt

Business matters: Harassed and helpless in the marketplace. Called to proclaim the Kingdom, not manipulate customers By guest columnist Elden Wiebe​

Religion watch: Surviving the culture wars: What to do as factions become more strident.  By columnist James A. Beverley

Global village By columnist C. David Donaldson

  • African perspectives on theology
  • Kazakhstan to increase restrictions
  • Agency succeeds in Mongolia
  • World watches Pakistan blasphemy case

Books & culture: Reviews

  • The Problem of God By Mark Clark 
  • Rethinking Holiness By Bernie Van De Walle 
  • Exhale Thousand Foot Krutch 
  • The Devout Life By Roger Helland
  • Artwork by Ann Balch
  • Braving the Wilderness By Brené Brown 

Christ & culture in Canada: Sweet spot preaching. How can pastors avoid saying too little – and too much? By columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.