2018 May - Jun

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30 June, 2018
2018 May/Jun Table of Contents - Vol 36 No 3

Life. Precious. Fragile. A gift. Supporting life from conception to nature death means tackling some difficult challenges head-on with - compassion and grace

26 June, 2018
Diehard believers

Deathbed doubts among the devout

26 June, 2018
After 56 years, I am his advocate

My husband Don and I have managed very well during many years of illness and health setbacks. We are both 76, and we have been married for 56 years. Now we are on the final stretch it seems. The Lord has been so good ...

17 June, 2018
He is not afraid

My husband was first diagnosed with cancer 17 years ago. He always says that he has lived with cancer, not battled it. Medication and prayer have enabled him to live a fruitful life.