Magazines 2019 Nov - Dec 2019 Nov/Dec Table of Contents

2019 Nov/Dec Table of Contents

31 December 2019

Faith + Tech: Has Facebook replaced real friendship? How do we engage with Scripture in this new age? Are we living the "abundant life"? Faith Today looks for answers.

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FT interview: One on one with Michael Messenger, president and CEO of World Vision Canada.

Abundant life in a technological world: What a Christian understanding of humanity and creation means for our use of tech By Craig M. Gay 

Faith and FacebookMaturing our Christian discernment around social media By Matthew Civico 

Engaging Scripture in an age of distractionThe Church must be a compelling community of Scripture engagement By Jeromey Martini 

My brother’s smasher: Considering video games and violence with Nintendo’s cartoonish brawler series By Kevin Schut 

How hope rose from the ashes of the Rwandan genocide: The healing journey is not over yet By Craig Macartney 

Fixing ChristmasEscaping the tyranny of our strange, sacred December traditions By Karen Stiller

The grandparents of our faith: The amazing impact grandparents can have on the faith of their descendants By Alex Newman

In each issue

Behind the scenes: Rethinking tech. How do our beloved tools affect us? 

Talking points: Letters to the editor, Milestones, New audio podcasts, New webinar videos

Cross connections: The most important thing ever. By David Guretzki

Kingdom matters    

Church in community: Offering youth an alternative

At issue: Conversion therapy. Any ban of these discredited practices needs a careful definition to avoid over-reaching.

The gathering place: Freedom and incontestable anthills. In whom will we place our trust? By columnist Bruce J. Clemenger 

News from the EFC: Euthanasia safeguard failing. Prayers for government and persecuted churches. New strategy on human trafficking. Letter on church closings in Algeria. Refugee and good neighbour resource. Doctor conscience case. Religious freedom in Alberta schools. EFC community calendar.

History lesson: The War of 1812 and religion in Upper Canada. By columnist Kevin Flatt

Go with God: Stoicism isn’t spiritual. What grief is teaching me about being fully human By columnist Carolyn Arends 

Religion Watch: Authoritharian religion in Quebec. History explains aggressive secularism law. By columnist James A. Beverley 

Global village By columnist C. David Donaldson  

  • Bahamas hurricane response 
  • Violent persecution commemorated 
  • World Evangelicals gather
  • Hong Kong protests with hymn 

Books & culture: Reviews

  • 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos By Jordan Peterson
  • Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell By David Yaffe 
  • Good News Church: Celebrating the Legacy of Harold Percy By Editors John Bowen and Michael Knowles
  • Canadian Winds of the Spirit: Holiness, Pentecostal and Charismatic Currents By Ewen H. Butler 
  • The Buffalo Roadshow. By Tim & The Glory Boys
  • Artwork by Petra Zantingh

Christ & culture in Canada: Love is love. Another popular lie no one actually believes. By columnist John G. Stackhouse, Jr.