2020 May - Jun

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19 June, 2020
2020 May/Jun Table of Contents

Cover essays in this issue examine God's gift of community. Which selected articles are posted here on our website? Check here to find out.

17 June, 2020
Five reviews from May/Jun 2020

Art by Gina J. Duque; Bloody, Brutal, & Barbaric: Troubling War Texts (Webb & Oeste); Craft, Cost & Call (Paddey & Stiller); The Unknown God (M.P. John); Wonderlove (Benjamin); A Better Man (Penny)

15 June, 2020
Dear church, about living on $2,000 a month or less

I’m not receiving CERB, but I’ve lived on the equivalent, or less, for most of my adult life. I’m used to bringing this sometimes-difficult part of my life to church. Some Christians are still adjusting to this. Here’...

12 June, 2020
Creative lockdown ideas

Using our imagination can help us be more ready to love our neighbour when pandemic restrictions return.