2020 Sep - Oct

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23 October, 2020
The secret ingredient for making pastors

Maritime pastor Jim Malloy shares how his disastrous first sermon turned out to be a blessing and taught him something vital. Reprinted with permission from Sage magazine.

20 October, 2020
2020 Sep/Oct Table of Contents

Theme for this issue: "Racism." Which selected articles will be posted online, and when? Check here to find out.

19 October, 2020
Art as a blessing

Lake Ridge Community Church in Chestermere, Alta., is using art to cheer up its city.

12 October, 2020
Books & culture: 5 reviews from Sep/Oct 2020

All That Belongs (Dora Dueck); Living for God in a Pagan Society (James Coggins); Why Would Anyone Go to Church (Kevin Makins); You Are What You Do (Daniel Im); Artwork (Sylvia D. Woods); The Quintland Sisters (Shelle...

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