Magazines 2024 Mar - Apr Author D. S. Martin on poetic writing

Author D. S. Martin on poetic writing

28 February 2024

Poetry editor and poet D.S. Martin on the value of poetry to Christians and his Kingdom Poets blog

You’re a poetry editor and a poet. Do Christians need poetry?

Since much of the Bible is poetry, we should be familiar with how poetry works. Welsh poet R. S. Thomas said, "Poetry is that / which arrives at the intellect / by way of the heart." Poetry may seem to be an indirect way of speaking, but it’s more direct in touching the affective, relational part of us. It’s the language of the heart for those who have ears to hear. It’s especially valuable to read Christian poetry.

Your blog Kingdom Poets has featured a different poem every day for years. Why?

On the internet most poetry you find with a Google search is poor. With Kingdom Poets over the past 14 years, I’ve searched out the best I can find by people who take Christian faith seriously – poets from across the centuries, the denominational spectrum and the world. I share diverse styles so every reader can find work they like that encourages them to think more deeply about their faith.

Tell us something about your time as poet in residence at McMaster Divinity College.

I recently wrote a poem in response to an image by artist James Tughan to be part of an art exhibit at the MDC gallery. I also had four different poets write poems to go with a single piece by another artist. Such cross-fertilization has exciting possibilities. I love being able to encourage artists.

D. S. Martin is author of four collections of poetry (so far) and editor of the Poiema Poetry Series ( He lives in Brampton, Ont.

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