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14 March, 2021
Bridging the gap

How one-year programs are equipping young high school graduates

08 March, 2021
Does church still matter, even in a pandemic?

Embracing our weakness and limitations, church services look much different these days – but spiritual hunger continues unabated, writes Kevin Makins.

08 March, 2021
L'église est-elle encore importante, même en période de pandémie?

En acceptant nos faiblesses et nos limites, les services religieux sont bien différents de nos jours, mais la soif spirituelle ne faiblit pas, écrit Kevin Makins.

08 February, 2021
The value of theological education

Going back to school in midlife brings many surprises – and it’s worth it

01 February, 2021
Layoff lessons

What might God be teaching me in this difficult time?

07 January, 2021
The end of grace: An essay on dying well

A sneak peek at a new essay by Dave Jeffery from our upcoming May/Jun 2021 issue.

05 January, 2021
Spiritual growth in a pandemic

Why trying to make the most of it might not be the best solution

05 January, 2021
Croissance spirituelle en temps de pandémie

Pourquoi essayer d'en tirer le meilleur parti n'est peut-être pas la meilleure solution

14 December, 2020
The suffering of Christmas

Rethinking the warm fuzzies of the manger scene

07 December, 2020
Hope is a decision

Christmas rejoicing in a weary world

09 November, 2020
Strengthening the muscle of hope

How are we participating in God’s story? Vancouver writer Julie Lane-Gay reflects.

09 November, 2020
Sixties Scoop survivor stories

Manitoba writer Dorene Meyer reflects on what she’s been learning from her mother’s work as a foster parent of Indigenous children in the 1960s

09 November, 2020
Crise des soins prodigués à la création

Une experte en climatologie nous montre comment nous pouvons tous y répondre

09 November, 2020
Comment rendre votre église plus verte

Citizens for Public Justice nous aide à parcourir nos églises pour les rendre plus respectueuses de l'environnement