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18 April, 2023
Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

Salim Munayer, a resident of Jerusalem and regional Peace and Reconciliation Network coordinator, reflects on the 2023 procession.

30 March, 2023
We are those who mourn

Every person who dies in war is one too many. A call to make the first Sunday after Easter a day of mourning for victims of war.

22 February, 2023
A Christian response at one year of war in Ukraine

February 24, 2023 marks one year since Russia’s expanded invasion of Ukraine. Canadians Phil Wagler and Vern Neufeld Redekop reflect. (Words on photo read: "Stop war.")

09 February, 2023
Do you know what is happening in Armenia?

Craig Simonian of the Peace and Reconciliation Network helps explain the current suffering of Armenians in Artsakh.

24 January, 2023
A heartfelt movement of reconciliation in the Christian Reformed Church

Hearts Exchanged is an 8-month program that equips Christians to engage with Indigenous people as neighbours and fellow image bearers.

13 December, 2022
Three Winnipeg ministries hold prayer vigils for peace in Ukraine

Gatherings, held every two months, include prayer time allotted for Ukraine, Russia and Canada.

11 November, 2022
Pilgrimage of grace in South Africa

Johannes Reimer of the World Evangelical Alliance recounts a series of reconciliation events that occurred in South Africa a few weeks ago.

13 October, 2022
The peacebuilders of Sarajevo

The peacebuilding work in Sarajevo among a small band of Orthodox Serbs, Muslim Bozniaks and Catholic Croats is inspiring, writes Phil Wagler

27 September, 2022
Eyes to see: Observing more than just a day for truth and reconciliation

As Canada marks a second annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, let's listen prayerfully to the story of Temera Millar and the insights of Ron Hartwig, both of North American Indigenous Ministries.

13 September, 2022
Approaching truth and reconciliation with love in our hearts

Reflecting on the Pope’s apology with B.C. mission worker John Johnstone

11 August, 2022
Reconciliation advocate Paul B. Anderson and Soviet Christians

The heartbreaking tragedy unfolding in Ukraine is leading believers to pray for an end to violence, practise hospitality to those in need, provide resources and learn more about the roots of the conflict. Many are als...

18 July, 2022
Building deep-rooted relationships

What will it take to improve relationships between the Church and Indigenous Peoples? Mackenzie Griffin, an Alberta writer with Cree and Saulteaux ancestry, reflects.

24 June, 2022
Be open and listen

Be open and listen! That was the advice given to Edith and Neill von Gunten before their first ministry experience in an Indigenous community many years ago. It soon led to a valuable lesson right in their living room...

26 May, 2022
What drives the violence between Russia and Ukraine?

Ottawa scholar Vern Neufeld Redekop explains how the conflict derives from national identity needs.

03 May, 2022
Trauma-friendly church?

New free video series prepares Canadian churches to help people such as Ukrainian refugees who've been scarred by tough life experiences.

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