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27 February, 2022
Author Natalie Frisk on raising disciples

Three questions for the author of Raising Disciples: How to Make Faith Matter for Our Kids

27 February, 2022
Easter poems 2022

Poems by contemporary Canadian poets. Continuing an annual tradition at Faith Today.

27 February, 2022
Small press roundup. Art by Lianna Klassen. Review of Nothing But Life

Review of Nothing But Life by B. van Staalduinen; artwork by L. Klassen; sign up for April 27 chat with D. Bursch on Posting Peace.

27 February, 2022
B.C. congregation records its history

Church collects individual stories to create a whole

27 February, 2022
An invitation to prayer

Pastoral intern Nina Schuurman-Drenth explains her church's creative way to love their neighbours by opening a prayer room.

24 February, 2022
Un-fracturing the Church

How can Canadian churches deal with division? Two pastors in Kelowna, B.C., discuss (on video) a small group approach designed to bring divided Christians together.

18 February, 2022
The Early Church overcame societal divisions – We can too

Imagine the Church leading the way in reconciling societal divisions, writes Larry Hurst.

16 February, 2022
Why do I need Black History Month?

Black History Month used to take me by surprise each February, writes Renée James.

31 January, 2022
L'interview de Faith Today avec Kate Bowler

Kate Bowler est une auteure à succès, animatrice de podcasts et professeure à l'université Duke.

20 January, 2022
Browse the Jan/Feb 2022 issue

Our Jan/Feb 2022 issue features: cover article on funerals; youth ministry training; supportive congregations, Afghanistan's Christians; Christian magazines to discover; church policies in a changing world; and an int...

19 January, 2022
Christian books from B.C. authors - a 2021 overview recently published a list of books published in 2021 by local Christian authors

06 January, 2022
Les funérailles

La façon de dire au revoir a changé et pourquoi c'est important. Un essai de Tim Perry

How Porn Harms booklet