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Learn something useful with host Faith Today senior editor Karen Stiller.

12 April, 2018
Podcast Sexual Ethics with Aimee Patterson Aimee Patterson PhD is a Christian ethics consultant with The Salvation Army Ethics Centre in Winnipeg. She spoke to Faith Today about sexual ethics in the Church, what pastors need to watch for and the #metoo campaign. 22:47
09 April, 2018
Podcast Politics and Faith: An interview with Preston Manning We interviewed Preston Manning, founder of two political parties, former Leader of the Opposition, and current leader of the Manning Centre. He spoke to us about politics and faith. 22:02
02 April, 2018
Podcast Don't Turn From Suffering What we learn as we walk with people in distress. 12:01
29 March, 2018
Podcast Brazil - A New Force in Mission Dispatch from Brian Stiller: Brazil is huge. A population of two hundred million live in a land mass slightly smaller than the United States or China... 9:05
26 March, 2018
Podcast Science and Faith in Canada An interview with Janet Warren, president of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation 14:49
21 March, 2018
Podcast How to Create a Great Food Ministry (Panel Discussion) How can churches do food ministry well? We speak with experts on this topic, featured in "The Healing Plate," the Mar/Apr 2018 cover story in Faith Today magazine. 41:18
20 March, 2018
Podcast Growing Your Spiritual Life As a Couple It doesn’t need to be only long prayers and joint Bible study. By: Sheila Wray Gregoire 7:24
14 March, 2018
Podcast Canada Summer Jobs grant controversy: Calvary Temple, How a maritime church is pushing back Calvary Temple, How a maritime church is pushing back. Interview with lead pastor Chad Nickerson 12:39
08 March, 2018
Podcast How We Order Our Hearts The trouble with do-it-yourself transformation. By: Carolyn Arends 5:10
07 March, 2018
Podcast How the Toronto City Mission is persevering in the Canada Summer Jobs grant situation Dave Addison, executive director of Toronto City Mission, discusses how the Canada Summer Jobs grant situation has impacted their ministry, and what they will do next. 17:00
05 March, 2018
Podcast It's good to take a break from tech From the column "Dead to Distraction" (Jan/Feb 2018) by Carolyn Arends 5:41
27 February, 2018
Podcast Youth Ministry in Canada Today (Interview with Sid Koop) Sid Koop discussed the state of youth in Canada today. 20:36
21 February, 2018
Podcast Remembering Billy Graham Fred Weiss, executive director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada and Samaritan’s Purse Canada reflects on the amazing legacy of the beloved evangelist. 9:06
21 February, 2018
Podcast Grace in Vietnam A dispatch by Brian Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance  10:36
13 February, 2018
Podcast One Church Responds to Canada Summer Job Grant Controversy Pastor Bob Davies from Kanata Baptist Church shares his church's response to the Canada Summer Jobs situation. 15:17