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Learn something useful with host Faith Today senior editor Karen Stiller.

Podcast Simple Ways to Nourish Your Spirit with the Arts We need our minds and imaginations to be renewed – disciplined – because of our tendency to reduce the world into more manageable dimensions. 1:26
Podcast Artful Discipleship - By Carolyn Arends How the arts can help in spiritual formation 14:56
Podcast How one Canadian Church is grappling with reconciliation issues This fall Vancouver pastor and author Ken Shigematsu preached a sermon on reconciliation with First Nations peoples that was honest, painful, inspiring and received an unexpected level of attention. 20:23
Podcast Janet Epp Buckingham Interview on TWU Court Case Hearings Janet Buckingham shares her impressions of the case and how the hearings went, as well as what the Canadian Christian community can expect. 25:22
Podcast Andrew Klavan Interviewed By James Beverley Andrew Klavan is an award-winning writer, screenwriter and media commentator who has made the improbable conversion from agnostic Jewish intellectual in New York to baptized Christian in California. 26:35
Podcast Argentina - An Epic Of Faith A dispatch by Brian Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance 8:47
Podcast Tough Call in a Tough World Baroness Caroline Cox is an international humanitarian who works in some of the world’s most difficult places. She spoke to us about her motivation, fears and challenge to us as Christians who care about the world. 17:19
Podcast What’s Happening With The Top Issues Of 2017 For Canadian Christians A “round up” conversation on some of the issues the EFC is working on this Fall 2017. 41:37
Podcast Ann Voskamp - The Broken Way Interview Ann Voskamp, talks to Faith Today editor Karen Stiller in a hotel lobby in Toronto to discuss her latest book, how we can all be more honest about our brokenness and why that’s so important. 37:37
Podcast Hearing the Truth, Working for Reconciliation Evangelical leaders reflect on the TRC report. 9:26
Podcast Clean Water In Cambodia Faith Today editor Karen Stiller visited Cambodia on a Samaritan’s Purse Water for Kids trip, and reached some conclusions about short term mission trips. 14:34
A Land In Need Of A Rebirth
Podcast Turkey: A Land in Need of a Rebirth A dispatch by Brian Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance (audio of article originally published in print in Oct. 2016). 9:23
Podcast African Church Leaders Taking Hold Dispatches from Brian Stiller, World Evangelical Alliance (original print version July 2015) 9:05
Podcast An Answer to Why Christianity Has Grown in Africa A dispatch by Brian Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance 7:43
Podcast The Challenge of Gender Fluidity: How might the Church respond? Faith Today article by Sid Koop, Truth Matters Ministries 11:18
Podcast Foul Mouthed and Faithful Faith Today article by senior writer Patricia Paddey 14:14