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Learn something useful with host Faith Today senior editor Karen Stiller.

Podcast Finding Light In Darkness - The Myanmar Tragedy A dispatch by Brian Stiller, Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance  11:10
Podcast What does the gospel have to do with poverty? An interview with Barry Slauenwhite “We must continually ask ourselves as we invest time, money, resources and energy into helping those in poverty: Are we doing so strategically?” 28:02
Podcast How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to all of your life Author and pastor Darryl Dash shares with us the three core areas every Christian should be engaged with in order to grow, and the simple techniques that can help us all in our spiritual lives. 29:33
Podcast Author Max Lucado on writing, Donald Trump and how God's promises hold strong, even in tough times. Author and pastor Max Lucado speaks to us about his latest book, Unshakable Hope: Building our Lives on the Promises of God. 27:54
Podcast Prayer: A problem of persistence What does Jesus mean when he tells us to be persistent in prayer. In this podcast, writer Carolyn Arends shares her own struggles with this question, and how she is resolving it. 5:04
Podcast How to create a rule of life A rule of life is an ancient spiritual tradition that helps Christians map out a pathway to greater devotion. 7:49
Podcast Afraid to die: When the devout experience intense fear at the end of life Doug Koop talks about devout Christian people who experience an unexpected amount of fear or anxiety as they near death. 15:20
Podcast Renegotiating Faith: An interview with Rick Hiemstra about the youth and faith research Renegotiating Faith: The Delay in Young Adult Identity Formation and What It Means for the Church in Canada, is a new body of research investigating the transition time when many Canadian youth leave the church. 25:57
Podcast So much for Secular Canada allowing diversity Dispatches from the Global Village By: Brian Stiller. 9:58
Podcast When sexual misconduct hits the Church In this podcast, we explore the devastation wrought by this kind of transgression in the Church, the bare minimum protections required and how healing can best happen. 16:20
Podcast Trinity Western's Controversial Community Covenant - An interview with TWU President Bob Kuhn Trinity Western University's decision to change the requirement for students to sign a community covenant was welcomed by some and met with dismay by others. 20:01
Podcast Faith and Vocation: An Interview with Regent College professor and author Steve Garber Steven Garber is author of the popular book Visions of Vocation and spoke with Karen Stiller in Vancouver about how what we do mixes together with our faith. 27:44
Podcast Healing churches: The hard path churches must walk through listening, confession and reconciliation The Rev'd Dr Russ Parker is an author and healing and reconciliation expert. He has ministered in some of the world’s toughest spots, leading listening and forgiveness work. 45:30
Podcast How to take care of ourselves for spiritual and mental wellness Sharon Ramsay walks us through what self-care really means and how we can all do better asking for help -- and getting away from those electronic devices. 21:31
Podcast The importance of theological education in a rapidly changing world & culture Jeff Greenman is president and professor of theology and ethics at Regent College. He has led the college through the challenging times faced by every North American school of theological education. 25:42
Podcast Unpacking The TWU Supreme Court Of Canada Decision What is the significance of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision (June 15, 2018) on the proposed law school at Trinity Western University? 56:08