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Learn something useful with host Faith Today senior editor Karen Stiller.

Podcast Short term missions are good for whose soul? The Canadian Missions Research Forum dug deep into how Canadian Christians do mission trips, and turned up some surprising finds, including who really benefits from short term trips. 7:59
Podcast Unpacking the TWU decision: An early response from Earl Phillips of TWU law school Earl Phillips, director of TWU's hotly contested law school, offers an early response to the June 15 Supreme Court of Canada decision. "We know who we serve. We can trust in God," says Phillips. 10:04
Podcast The Ugly Truth About Human Trafficking In Canada Paul Boge is the author of the newly released book "The Truth About Human Trafficking in Canada." He takes readers behind the scenes of human trafficking in Canada, dispels myths and sheds light on the realities of the Canadian sex trade. 18:16
Podcast Did We Find Peace in Assisi Dispatches from Brian Stiller: Did We Find Peace in Assisi? "Peace is hard to come by. Ask John Kerry and his Russian equivalent Sergei Lavrov in their intermittent successes at finding a Syrian cease-fire." Read the entire article and the rest of Brian's dispatches. 12:02
Podcast Voices from the National March For Life This year's March for Life in Ottawa was met with loud counter-protests, but thousands of marchers made their way through Ottawa's downtown core nonetheless. Here are several voices from that March, including Angelina Steenstra, National Coordinator of Silent No More. 12:11
Podcast When is a Heresy a Cult? Dispatches from the Global Village By Brian Stiller Spiritual movements produce bizarre and often cult-like offshoots. Nowhere is this truer than in Brazil. Read this and more of Brian's dispatches. 8:57
Podcast Ministry in Canada’s Poorest Postal Code By Julia Cheung Faith Today visits Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to understand what it is like to minister in this hard, hard place. 11:27
Podcast Interacting With Other World Religions Interview with Mathew P. John Mathew P. John is the creator of an online course called Mosaic. He explains why it's important to understand other religions when we share our faith. 14:19
Podcast What Churches Are Learning From Refugees Thousands of Canadian churches responded to the plight of Syrian refugees by becoming private sponsors for the first time. Here are three stories. 10:45
Podcast Help your kids embrace the faith Trading in picture-perfect faith for authentic experience with Jesus By Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach 7:24
Podcast Youth Inspire Me - Interview with Renee Embree Renée Embree, director of youth and family ministries for the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and director of the youth and young adult ministry program at Acadia Divinity College 18:57
Podcast The Humboldt Bronco Hockey Tragedy and how the Church can respond Dave Wells spoke with us about the Humboldt Hockey tragedy, the nature of chaplaincy work in times like this, and how faith and the Church can help in times of tragedy. 17:49
Podcast Sexual Ethics with Aimee Patterson AIMEE PATTERSON PhD is a Christian ethics consultant with The Salvation Army Ethics Centre in Winnipeg. She spoke to Faith Today about sexual ethics in the Church, what pastors need to watch for and the #metoo campaign. 22:47
Podcast Politics and Faith: An interview with Preston Manning We interviewed Preston Manning, founder of two political parties, former Leader of the Opposition, and current leader of the Manning Centre. He spoke to us about politics and faith. 22:02
Podcast Don't Turn From Suffering What we learn as we walk with people in distress. 12:01
Podcast Brazil - A New Force in Mission Dispatch from Brian Stiller: Brazil is huge. A population of two hundred million live in a land mass slightly smaller than the United States or China... 9:05