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03 March, 2022
The life-cycle of worship songs

A new study suggests they’re sung today and gone tomorrow. Plus: Three Canadian worship leaders and musicians reflect on what it all means.

02 March, 2022
What we’ve learned from online worship

We’ve been doing this for a while. Let’s pause and take stock.

02 March, 2022
Ce que nous avons appris du culte d’adoration en ligne

Nous faisons cela depuis un certain temps. Prenons une pause et faisons le point.

01 March, 2022
Le changement climatique, un défi à relever

Notre auteur a assisté à la conférence des Nations Unies en Écosse et nous livre ici ses réflexions

01 March, 2022
Indigenous and Christian

Graduate school continues to break new ground

01 March, 2022
Challenged by climate change

Our writer attended the UN conference in Scotland and shares his reflections

28 February, 2022
Qu'y a-t-il sur votre liste d'écoute ?

Pourquoi nos églises doivent inclure les lamentations

06 January, 2022

How saying goodbye has changed and why it matters. An essay by Tim Perry

06 January, 2022
Les funérailles

La façon de dire au revoir a changé et pourquoi c'est important. Un essai de Tim Perry

03 January, 2022
To say goodbye

Reflections from Faith Today writers about funerals they have attended

17 November, 2021
Unwrap your church this Christmas

Tips on making the most of seasonal outreach opportunities

03 November, 2021
When our pets die

What does our faith have to say about the grief we feel when our animal companions die?

02 November, 2021
Comment les églises pourraient-elles s'épanouir après la pandémie ?

Quelques idées fondées sur la recherche à prendre en considération

02 November, 2021
How to become an intergenerational church

Six key ingredients to strengthen community among people of all ages

02 October, 2021
Deconstructing faith, growing up in Christ

Religion’s failures are pushing some Evangelicals to change — but into what?