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26 May, 2023
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May/Jun 2023 features: new study on parents, kids and faith; artificial intelligence; balancing righteousness and justice; putting discipleship ahead of church; interview with Cathie Ostapchuk of Gather Women Canada

25 April, 2023
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Mar/Apr 2023 features: expansion of MAiD for mental illness paused; appreciating small churches; the cross as a model for politics; reconstructing theology in a group home; interview with new EFC president David Guretzki

20 February, 2023
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Jan/Feb 2023 features: healthy workplaces; understanding God's provision; healthy sexuality; immigrant gifts; interview w/ Lesli van Milligen; three gentle resolutions for the new year; new money for seminaries

30 November, 2022
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Nov/Dec 2022 features: gospel hope at Christmas; Christian response to depression; recovering voices of silenced women Bible scholars; unity across racial diversity; church clothes; interview w/ Bruce Clemenger

06 September, 2022
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Sept/Oct 2022 features: redeeming the word "evangelical"; faith and mental health; building housing and community; Bethlehem Bible College shares Palestinian perspectives with Canadian Evangelicals; intvw w/ cattle fa...

25 August, 2022
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Jul/Aug 2022 features: preaching advice from theologian Mark Buchanan; giving trends; how MAiD is transforming health care; loving our neighbours in group homes/wheelchairs; companionship in grief; books to read with ...

30 April, 2022
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May/Jun 2022 features: medically assisted dying and the church; hospitality; Ukrainian Evangelicals coping amid war; care for clergy abuse survivors; why we need Jesus to help end abuse; Christians at the convoy; inte...

22 March, 2022
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This issue features: worship songs; online worship; multiculturalism; Easter poems by contemporary Canadian poets; Indigenous and Christian; reflections on climate change conference; and interview with John Franklin o...

20 January, 2022
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Our Jan/Feb 2022 issue features: cover article on funerals; youth ministry training; supportive congregations, Afghanistan's Christians; Christian magazines to discover; church policies in a changing world; and an int...

14 December, 2021
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Our Nov/Dec 2021 issue features: next-gen friendships; global persecution; how might churches flourish after the pandemic; Christian theatre; when our pets die; Christmas outreach tips; and interview with author Phili...

28 October, 2021
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Features: deconstructing faith; how churches coped with pandemic restrictions; fractured relationships in the church; and interview with communications expert Joanna la Fleur

23 August, 2021
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Features: Dallas Jenkins on his video series The Chosen; post-Covid spiritual growth; Pentecostal history in Canada and a slate of guest columnists displaying mentoring in action. View selections here or page through ...

21 June, 2021
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Articles in May/Jun 2021 reflect on death and dying, reading spiritual books, the term "evangelical" and more. View selections here or jump to a complete online sample issue you can page through.

16 April, 2021
2021 Mar/Apr Table of Contents

Feature articles for this issue reflect on the church in the pandemic and beyond, Enneagram, fallen leaders and more. Which selected articles have been posted online? Check here to find out.

26 February, 2021
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Cover articles for this issue reflect on spiritual growth, mental health and more. Which selected articles have been posted online? Check here to find out.

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MEDA in business for good